Monday, October 22, 2012

14 Health Tips For Your Busy Schedule

These are 14 health care tips from myself, a layman to you.  This health related fitness information is not new news or groundbreaking revelations regarding your health.  Neither is looking both ways before crossing a busy street. 
My desire for you is to integrate these health tips into your very busy life and hectic schedule.  Begin with one, stay consistent and it will make a difference.  Your body is this wonderful, magnificent, machine of plasticity, be amazed at what can happen in a simple way when you are committed.  See the impact of good upon your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level that will unfold for you.
Clear your mind, open your heart and begin.
1--First of all, call your Mom.  Go see her and tell her how much you love her.
2--Start getting caught up with your family and friends. Make new friends, relationships and say hello to someone.  Smile, you're lips won't crack...unless you've had a recent botox job.
3-- There are fast food options. You can hold the fries and you don't have to eat the bun.  Order an ice tea w/a lemon or have water instead.  Don't drink a diet soda on an empty stomach, drink it, while having some protein,something about Alzheimer's?
4--Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Ketchup and fries don't count.  Quit eating so much 'white stuff'.
5--Walking moderately a 1/2 hour a day could add 10 years to your life?  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if it's only one flight.
6--Drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. Your body is 70% water. Approxiamately the same make up as the earth, and you thought all that full moon stuff was phooey.
7--Brushing/flossing your teeth after every meal, and keeping your mouth clean can add 6 years to your life?
8---Eat an apple a day, 2 or 3, they can help restore your pH balance and many other things. Apples are still located in the produce section of your supermarket. How about a banana, almonds, kiwi, beans or berries?
9---Drink green tea with your meals. Green tea could reduce your fat intake by up to 50%?, plus other stuff.
10--How much do you know about plastic bottled water?  You'll be surprised.  How about alkaline water?
11--Make love not's great for the brain?
12--What about antioxidants, vitamin D, omega 3, probiotics, enzymes, fiber, tumeric, selenium, garlic and b12 to name a few?
13--What about your poop? No one likes to talk poop. Google colon cancer. I think I'd rather be talking about poop. Pooping is something you need to be doing everyday and if you think doing it once a day is ok, you need to re-think your strategy. 
The ideal is after every meal.  Most people on average are carrying around anywhere from 6-25 pounds of excess waste inside them. It's like a traveling companion who never leaves or having a second head, like the alien dude in 'Men in Black.'
14---See your doctor, a doctor.   They won't bite, may be some will bark. Bring the kibbles and bits just in case.
You're smart!  You know what to do.  Hopefully, in some small, but significant way, these health tips will help you in making a positive difference.   My wish for you is only the absolute best of health, a good life and success in all that you do.

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